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How to connect Webmail with Gmail? Send/Receive emails from/to your webmail email addresses right from/in your gmail account.

Webmail is the mail platform that we get when we buy domains. Webmail generally offers three interfaces, Horde, Roundcube and SquirrelMail. No offense, but none of these interfaces offer modern facilities that we get from mail platforms like Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc. So what can we do? Well, we can connect webmail with Gmail to … Read more

Quick & easy Adsense reports and ads management with Google Publisher Toolbar.

Google adsense offers a number very helpful reports for publishers accessible from their dashboard in the reports section. But sometimes we might just need to know the amount we earned today, best performing channels or ad units, information about an ad currently displayed etc. and we might not want to load the whole adsense dashboard. … Read more

Improve adsense revenue with new Page-Level Ads for mobile browsers.

Google adsense is the leading online advertising network form websites, applications for windows, android etc., software, games and many more. Google adsense used to offer banner ads so far, but now it also offers Anchor/overlay and Vignette ads for mobile. These ads are really awesome to improve your adsense revenue.  What are page-level ads: Page-Level ads … Read more

Adsense is not only a CPC network anymore, but also CPM, Active View CPM, CPE.

Google’s online advertising network adsense is generally known to most of us as a CPC (Cost per Click) advertising network. That is, a publisher earns money only when users clicks on the ads s/he is publishing. Adsense is a renowned advertising network both to ad publisher and advertiser due to various reasons, mostly because its … Read more