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How to Optimize syntax highlighter loading speed?

If you are using SyntaxHighlighter in your blog or website, then you might have noticed that you have to load the brushes you used in a post or page. The way you load them is generally by  Linking specific brush scripts used on a given page or post,  Or you load them statically by including … Read more

Sort dependency list or Topological Sorting in PHP

Topological Sorting – Wkipedia In the field of computer science, a topological sort (sometimes abbreviated toposort) or topological ordering of a directed graph is a linear ordering of its vertices such that for every directed edge uv from vertex u to vertex v, u comes before v in the ordering. For instance, the vertices of … Read more

Why I would choose PhpStorm over Adobe Dreamweaver?

Okay, first of all guys, I have been using PHPStorm for the last project I am working on and its really awesome, but the following list awesomeness is obviously incomplete. Read More: 10 features your IDE (Integrated Development Environment) should haveThough Adobe Dreamweaver is also a great IDE for web based development, PHPStorm is beyond the … Read more

How to write good codes or What are the good programming practices to follow !!

The following post highlights some good programming practices what beginner programmer can follow. Applying these increases the readability of codes, will make make codes more easier to update.  Well, individual programmers should have their own programming styles to maintain, but still there are some practices that the beginners can follow. With times every programmers find … Read more

Garbage Collection

Garbage collection. What you get from the title of the topic? Well, while we are coding we use variable or memory location. We may need an array initially for storing some initial elements, then we take more arrays while we are manipulating. At some part of the manipulation, it may that we dont need the … Read more