What is Microprocessor. What are the functions of microprocessor

What is Microprocessor? What are the functions of microprocessor?

A type of computer processors that incorporates the functions of a computer’s center processing unit (CPU) onto a single integrated circuit is called a microprocessor. A microprocessor is a VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) Silicon Chip. Microprocessor accepts digital or binary data, processes it according to instructions stored in it’s memory and provides results as output.

what is computer. what are the elements and functions of computer

What is computer? What are the four elements of computer? What are the functions of a computer?

A computer is a multipurpose electronic device that can receive, store, process data and deliver information. A computer takes data such as numbers, text, images etc. as input and then process those data and converts those to useful information. Additionally, a computer can also store data and information both for future use. Also a computer can perform scheduled tasks. Computers are programmed devices. Computer programmers write programs or software for computer which actually takes input, process it and outputs information.