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What is Information Technology? What are the contributions of Information Technology (IT)?

Information Technology

Information technology is the technology of storing data or information and using the stored data.

The branch of technology concerned with the dissemination, processing and storage of information, especially by means of computers.

Oxford English dictionary

Information technology is basically an integrated technology which has emerged as information technology after long practice in communication, telecommunication, audio, video, computing, broadcasting and many other technologies.

Broadly speaking, information technology is defined as the collection, aggregation, storage, processing and exchange or provision of information through computer and telecommunication systems.

Elements of Information Technology

The components currently used in information technology are as follows

  1. Computers and peripherals
  2. Computing
  3. Radio, Television and Fax
  4. Audio Video
  5. Satellite
  6. Computer network
  7. Internet
  8. Modern telecommunications
  9. Modem, router, switch etc.

Contributions of Information Technology (IT)

The contributions of information technology on the development of modern civilization is immense. Today, the field of application of information technology is vast for the features of computer precision, speed, memory, automatic execution, information sharing, communication using network technology. The contributions of information technology in the development of modern civilization are as follows –

  1. Prevents wastage and saves time
  2. Availability of information is easy
  3. Instant communication is possible
  4. Speeds up training and related work
  5. Efficiency increases in all areas
  6. Creates profitable business processes
  7. Global product markets can be created through e-commerce
  8. Necessary items can be ordered through the internet at home
  9. The use of information technology in industrial establishments reduces the wastage of manpower
  10. Develops human resources
  11. One can take education in various educational institutions of the world online from sitting at home
  12. By introducing e-governance, coordination can be done between various departments of the government
  13. Citizen benefits like Citizen Charter are available at home
  14. Electricity, water, gas, phone etc. bills can be paid at home
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