11 (+2) How To tips for Wunderlist | Best task management app

Wunderlist. Best task management app I have used which is a free task managing app. You can find a lot of similar app for task management. Task managing app is a very much required now a days. As because we started go through multi-tasking. Office, blogging, home etc. So we all now need some kind of task managing app. And what can be better if the app for task management is both free and available on all possible devices, even including apple watch.

Wunderlist can sync its data from all application when an user log in. So no matter where you are, your best task management app is always with you. When there is tasks there should be a task management app, plus point when it is free task managing app.

Today we will go through 11 (+2) ‘How to’ of wunderlist.

  1. How to share a list?
    1. When creating list
      1. In the ‘List Members’ text field start writing the name or email address of a Wunderlist task managing app user, suggestions will come, select your user from the list.
    2. Already created list
      1. Right click on the list
      2. From the bottom menu click on ‘List Option’
      3. Now follow as in 1.a.i
  1. How to accept or deny a list request?
    1. When you will receive a request there will be a short notification at top of the left sidebar
    2. It will have two buttons, a tick mark and times mark.
    3. Click the tick mark to join the list, and times mark deny request.
  2. How to leave a list?
    1. Right click on the list you want to leave
    2. From the bottom menu select ‘List Option’
    3. From the list of users find yourself, click the right-arrow button at the right of your name to leave the list.
  3. How to assign user to a task?
    1. Click on the task
    2. From the right sidebar click on ‘Assign To’
    3. Select a user among the users with whom the list is shared.
    4. The task will be assign to the user
  4. How to find all tasks assigned to you?
    1. Whenever you will have tasks assigned to you a smart auto generated list called “Assigned to me” will appear at the top of all your lists.
    2. Click on this list to open it.
    3. Here you will find all the tasks those were assigned to you.
  5. How to set due date?
    1. Click on a task
    2. From the right sidebar, click ‘Set Due Date’ to set a due date for this task to finish.
  6. How to set reminder?
    1. Click on a task
    2. From the right sidebar, click on ‘Remind me’ and select a date when Wunderlist will notify about the task
  7. How to ad sub-tasks?
    1. Click on a task
    2. From the right sidebar, start typing on the field ‘Add a subtask’ and hit enter when you are done
    3. You can add as many number of subtasks you want.
  8. How to comment on a task and start conversation?
    1. Click on a task
    2. There is a text field at the bottom of the right sidebar
    3. You can write your comment here and hit enter when done writing.
  9. How to attach files to comment?
    1. Click on task
    2. There is a paper clip icon on the left of the comment box, click on it
    3. Browse and select the file you want to attach.
  10. How to add notes to tasks?
    1. Click on a task
    2. On the right sidebar, write your comment in the ‘Add a note’ textarea.
  11. How to rename a task?
    1. Click on a task
    2. At the top of the right sidebar edit the task title.
  12. How to star a task?
    1. Click on the star sign at right of a task to star it.


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