Creating Host File Shortcut to open with notepad as administrator

Hello everyone, this is Tanmay Chakrabarty and welcome to this tutorial.

For us, who works with virtual hosts in windows, opening and editing the host file is pretty common. Mostly among us, who is connected to a network where IP addresses change frequently, is the one who need to open the host file with notepad as administrator.

Bored with text? Watch this video to creating Host File Shortcut to open with notepad as administrator

Ok, then. To create the shortcut follow these simple steps

  1. Right click on desktop or where you want to create the shortcut and select Shortcut from New menu item.
  2. You will asked to browse the target item for this shortcut.
  3. Instead of browsing simply write “notepad” without quotes
  4. After that provide a space and write %SYSTEMROOT%System32driversetchosts
  5. When done, click next and then give it a name
  6. Then Click ok
  7. After that, right click on the shortcut and select Properties
  8. Under the Shortcut tab, click Advance
  9. Check ‘Run as Administrator’ and then click ok, then Apply and then ok.

Now double click on the shortcut and it will ask for confirmation to run the shortcut as an administrator.


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