Wunderlist – Working With Folders

Hello everyone, this is Tanmay Chakrabarty and welcome to this Wunderlist tutorial.

Today we will see how to create folders and keeping task lists inside folders in Wunderlist.

Folder is really very helpful in organizing your lists of tasks, mostly when you are like me who go through a lot of tasks every day and maintain nearly 40 to 50 lists of different categories

Bored with text? Watch this video tutorial to learn working with folders in wunderlist.

How to create folders:

  1. Open Wunderlist
  2. To create folder you have to have a task list. For now considering that you don’t have any task list.
  3. Click on the + button at bottom-left corner of the application.
  4. Give your list a name, for example “Test List” and click on Create button
  5. Now right click on the newly create list and list of options will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  6. From these options click on Create A Folder
  7. A folder with the name New Folder will wrap your list. This means the list on which you right clicked is already gone inside folder.
  8. And if you have more lists you can simply drag them under this folder and drop them.
  9. You can also sort both lists and folders and also lists inside a folder.

How to rename a folder:

  1. First of all open the folder if it is collapsed.
  2. To rename a folder click on the three dots (…) representing a hidden menu beside the dropdown arrow at the right side of the folder name
  3. A menu will eventually appear
  4. Select Rename Folder and you can now rename the folder.

How to delete a folder:

  1. First of all open the folder if it is collapsed.
  2. To delete a folder click on the thr


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