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Quick & easy Adsense reports and ads management with Google Publisher Toolbar.

Google adsense offers a number very helpful reports for publishers accessible from their dashboard in the reports section. But sometimes we might just need to know the amount we earned today, best performing channels or ad units, information about an ad currently displayed etc. and we might not want to load the whole adsense dashboard. Though loading the adsense dashboard is not a big hassle at all but still, what if a single click bring all these at once along with more features that helps a lot.

Why Google Publisher Toolbar

Google Publisher Toolbar extension for Google Chrome does the job pretty well. Once you install the extension it gives you the followings features and lot more
1. An estimated account earnings summary for today, yesterday, this month or last month.
2. The top five channels or top five sites in descending order of revenue for today, yesterday, 7 days, this month and last month.
3. Overlay ads so that you don’t accidentally click on your own ads
4. Information about ads being displayed, such as landing page link for the ad, buyer name etc.
5. Manage ads by blocking the specific ad or all ads from that URL or advertiser
6. Summary reporting on ad units including performance metrics, such as clicks, RPM and estimated revenue.
And also, Google Publisher Toolbar is not only for adsense publisher, whether you’re using AdSense, Ad Exchange or DoubleClick for Publishers, with the Google Publisher Toolbar you can view information on each of your Google ads, block unsuitable creatives, and see an account overview, all while browsing your own site. The Google Publisher Toolbar adds an overlay to each of your Google ads, which provides some basic information about the ad, including its size, display URL and the advertiser name.

Downoad and Install:

Anyway, so to download and install the extension in your chrome browser go to following link

Click on the + ADD TO CHROME button at the top right corner to download and install the exten
Enable the extension if it is not enabled all ready.
Click on the icon of the extension at the top right corner of your browser which will bring the following

Quick & easy Adsense reports and ads management with Google Publisher Toolbar.

Here, Enable the services you use one by one. I use only Google Adsense so I enabled it by clicking on the Enable button which took me to this page where this app is asking for access to my account, simply Allow it.

Using the Google Publisher Toolbar

Okay so now browse to a page where you have ads on. Click on the icon of the extension and you will see the following screen

Quick & easy Adsense reports and ads management with Google Publisher Toolbar.

Great. You can see your revenues for Today, Yesterday, This month so far and last month at a glance along with your lifetime revenue.
You can also see the Top 5 channels or URL channels along with revenues from them.
And then you can see the Ads on this page section where all the ads appearing on this page you are currently on are listed.
Now look at the page you are on. You will see that you a colored screen is overlaying your ads. This is to prevent your accidental clicks on the ads as google strictly dislike clicking on your own ads. Safeguard.

Quick & easy Adsense reports and ads management with Google Publisher Toolbar.
However, if you hover over the ads on the page you can see basic information about the ad and you can see detail information about the ad unit and the ad simply by clicking on the ad. The detail window for the ad unit and the ad is as follows.

As you can see you get information about your estimated earnings from this ad unit, ad coverage for the unit, number of ad request send, RPM of ad along with number of clicks.
Then you can also block the ad by using the Block this ad feature at the bottom if the ad is not suitable for your website.
You can also the Display URL and Destination URL of the ad which you can use to see where they go to check further if the ad is suitable for your website or you should block it.
Okay, so give this awesome extension form Google a try. All these information with many more can be obtained in the adsense dashboard but as you can see, Google Publisher Toolbar gives you all of these instantly, automatically just with a click. That’s the beauty about it I guess.

Let me know how you feel about it.

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