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Understanding Variable scope in C++

Understanding Variable scope is very important because it can sometime leads us to unwanted value changing or hazards while coding. Like, we have declared a variable but still its showing error while compiling or running. Look at the following code, for(int x=0;x<5;x++)    //For Loop 01    {    cout<<“Inside For Loop 01”;    } cout<<x<<” times”;   … Read more

Allocating and Deallocating memory OR use of New/Delete OR allocating memory in runtime OR declaring array in runtime | in C++

Well, first of all we should be known with Variable Scope, Garbage Collection. Ok, now. When we declare a variable like as follows, int a; it allocates a specific portion of memory for that variable and when we go beyond the scope of the variable the garbage collection system automatically deallocates or in general, deletes the … Read more

Single layer perceptron learning algorithm program w/ flowchart & Code in C++


Single layer perceptron is the first proposed neural model created. The content of the local memory of the neuron consists of a vector of weights. The computation of a single layer perceptron is performed over the calculation of sum of the input vector each with the value multiplied by corresponding element of vector of the weights. The value which is displayed in the output will be the input of an activation function.

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How can we interface the microprocessor with analog world? Explain with necessary figure.

Interfacing the Microprocessor with Analog World: As computer used digital binary values whereas we have physical variables, a step by step process is used to convert the physical variable to binary data and again to physical variable. The figure is given below,             (i) Transducer: A transducer is a device that … Read more

How can you control LEDs using microprocessor via 82C55A PPI? Draw the interface diagram & write the necessary assembly codes.

Controlling LEDs Using Microprocessor VIA 82C55A: Using the 82C55A, we can control LED lights. We can use the pins of one port to connect with one leg of the LEDs and pins of another port to connect rest of the legs. Then we can program the 82C55A to control the LEDs. It can be done … Read more

What are the purpose of using command byte A and command byte B on 82C55A? Explain with suitable example.

Purpose of Using Command Byte A: Command byte A is used select modes, working functions of the ports. So the importance of using command byte A is that we can define on which mode it will be working on and which port will be used for which function such as input or output. For example, … Read more