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Understanding Variable scope in C++

Understanding Variable scope is very important because it can sometime leads us to unwanted value changing or hazards while coding. Like, we have declared a variable but still its showing error while compiling or running. Look at the following code, for(int x=0;x<5;x++)    //For Loop 01    {    cout<<“Inside For Loop 01”;    } cout<<x<<” times”;   … Read more

Allocating and Deallocating memory OR use of New/Delete OR allocating memory in runtime OR declaring array in runtime | in C++

Well, first of all we should be known with Variable Scope, Garbage Collection. Ok, now. When we declare a variable like as follows, int a; it allocates a specific portion of memory for that variable and when we go beyond the scope of the variable the garbage collection system automatically deallocates or in general, deletes the … Read more