My Works | Final working on my Expression Based Scientific Calculator, hoping to finish tonight

My expression based scientific calculator V 0.03 is 80 percent complete. I was thinking that I will add more options to it, but sorry to say that its much boring to me now. However, here are some screenshots of the software, leave your comment about these.

The Calculator Front

This is when click on Memory List

This is When you choose Number System Converter Option
Leave your valuable comments on these UIs.
Input/Output in comparision with Casio fx-570MS:


  1. Anonymous

    Seeming nice…not much professional but ok. However, upload it, so we can try it out…

  2. @ArunPrakash:: Thanks a lot for comming. Actually I built the software with comparision to Casio fx-570MS, followed its input-output.

    However my software is not complete. I used the RPN algorithm and bringing some modifications to it, i mean in the case of implementing the algorithm.

    Please view the newly given photos above in the post.

  3. @ArunPrakash:: Actually that postfix notation or RPN algorithm was using brackets and when I was building V0.01 I was also using and calculating and also putting a lot of braces for each LEFT and RIGHT hand operators by code. But by the V0.02 I found that if I use the order of precedences in well manner I can get out of this jam, so I implemented.

    Dada, soon I will upload this. But the problem is that I am using built in trigonometric function (coz, I already had enough hardness behind the software) and in some rare cases, the inverse functions are putting wrong values. However those are rare. It was also with general trig functions but I removed them. Can you help me with these inverse functions?

  4. I am sorry but I don't want to send all my code for the whole project. If you want to solve a specific problem then I can help you. Specify the problem, I would be glad helping you.

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