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7 Different types of operating systems

Q: What are the different types of operating systems? Briefly describe. Operating systems and computer architecture have had a great influence on each other. As hardware industry started to develop powerful and feature enriched hardware for computers, the operating systems needed to update themselves to harness the power of those hardware. Again, as operating systems … Read more

What is operating system? What are the purposes, goals and roles of operating system.


Operating System

An operating system is an intermediary program between computer user and the computer hardware. This computer user can also be just another software running on the operating system or another computer or device. So basically, operating systems are computer programs that let other computer programs or humans communicate with the hardware of the computers. 

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What is histogram? How low brightness and high brightness images can be identified from a histogram? DIP

Histogram:  The histogram plots the number of pixels in the image (vertical axis) with a particular brightness value (horizontal axis). Considering the following graph, Here the vertical axis is showing the no of pixels and horizontal axis is showing the grey-levels of the image. From this histogram of that image it is found that the … Read more

Who is Database administrator? Write some functions of DBA in DBMS

Database Administrator: One of the main reasons behind using DBMS is to have central control on both data and the applications access those data. The person who has such central control over the data is called a database administrator (DBA). Some of the functions of DBA are given below, Schema Definition: The DBA creates the … Read more

Describe different types of database users and their interfaces. DBMS

There are about 4 different types of database users differentiated by their way of interaction with the database system. Brief description has been given below, Naive Users: This type of users generally interacts with the system through previously created programs. Such as, a user may use the system to transfer some balance from one account … Read more