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What is data abstraction? Describe the levels briefly. DBMS

Data Abstraction: Different users require different view of the database which is useful and necessary to them. This is data abstraction by which we abstract useful data from a database for a particular type of users to use.  There are 3 levels of data abstraction, those are as follows; Physical Level: The lowest level of … Read more

Briefly describe the disadvantages of file processing system? DBMS

Disadvantages of File Processing System: Keeping organization information in a file processing system has some disadvantages including the followings, Data Redundancy & Inconsistency: As the files are created by different programmers, there is a huge chance of data redundancy which is responsible for unnecessary storage and access cost. This may also lead to data inconsistency … Read more

What are the applications of DBMS?

Applications of DBMS: DBMS is getting used in many places. Everything from file cabinets to dictionaries is disappearing from today‚Äôs working place, because it is easy to make use of the data using a DBMS. The uses or applications of DBMS include the following, In Banking: For customer information, accounts, loans and banking transactions. This … Read more

What is Database? Define DBMS (Database Management System).

Database: A database contains a collection of related items or facts arranged in a specific structure. The most obvious example of a non-computerized database is a telephone directory.  DBMS (Database Management System): A database management system is a collection of interrelated data and a set of programs to access those data. It allows people to … Read more