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What are the steps of software development?


Steps of Software Development

A software development process is a structure imposed on the development of a software product. Software development is a detailed process. It includes many steps which is dependent on the software to develop. Also different software process models has different steps and approaches. But the main steps of a software development process are common.

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Explain that “Software is developed or engineered, not manufactured”.



It is often said that Software is engineered or developed but not manufactured. Some similarities exists between software development and hardware manufacturing. But these two activities are fundamentally different. Software is a design of strategies, instructions. These instructions finally perform the targeted tasks. And a design can only be developed, not manufactured. On the other hand, design is just a material of hardware.

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What are the reasons/targets/importance of software development?


Reasons/Targets/Importance of Software Development : 

Software is the single most important technology on the world stage. The category of software is huge where categories may have subcategories. And this is because, software is in use in almost every aspects of human life. Everywhere we go we will find a reason or necessity to have software there. Among many reasons/targets or importance of software development, few are as follows

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Software doesn’t “wear out”- Explain this comparing with hardware.


What is “wear out”?

When something is no longer of any use, it reaches the “wear out” state. That is, it cannot perform the function it was built for. For example, a printer reaches “wear out” state it can’t print anymore. This doesn’t include the recycling options. One makes use of a dead printer to do anything else but printing. 

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What is software and software engineering?



By definition, is a collection of computer programs, procedures and documentation that performs different tasks on a computer system. Software can specify the processors instruction through which the processor can change the state of computer hardware in a predefined sequence. Briefly, computer software is a language in which computer speaks.

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Explain and Solve : Round Robin (RR) CPU Scheduling Algorithm in C++ with Explanation

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