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What are the steps of software development?

Steps of Software Development

A software development process is a structure imposed on the development of a software product. Software development is a detailed process. It includes many steps which is dependent on the software to develop. Also different software process models has different steps and approaches. But the main steps of a software development process are common.

Steps in software development
  1. Gathering Requirements
  2. Planning
  3. Modeling / Organizing
  4. Tools / Techniques
  5. Implementation
  6. Testing
  7. Deployment
  8. Update

Lets learn about the steps in detail

Gathering Requirements

The important task in creating a software product is extracting the requirements or requirements analysis. The customers sometimes bear incomplete or abstract idea about what the software will give as output in the end. So it is very important to obtain a details requirement based on which all the other tasks will be done

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Once gathering of requirements is complete, one can start planning to advance the job. This activity may include planning about work schedule, tools, products to produce, methods to use, risks management planning etc.

Modeling / Organizing

Modeling the software will include the design to work on. This will allow to better understanding software requirements

Tools / Techniques

Engineers can plan this activity earlier. But at this stage the previous plan may need some modifications. That is, engineers will have to select tools / techniques considering the model or design.


At this point, the model / design and tools / techniques are ready. It is time to implement those. This is the part where the developer will write the codes for the software.


It is another important part. Here the software will go through different types of test. The tests will find out errors or places which need modifications or corrections.


At this stage, everything is complete. It is time to deliver the software.


With time, customer’s demand may change. As a result, the software might require new features or updates to existing features. If so, then the developer will work on the demanded areas of the software to update it.

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