What are the reasons/targets/importance of software development?


Reasons/Targets/Importance of Software Development : 

Software is the single most important technology on the world stage. The category of software is huge where categories may have subcategories. And this is because, software is in use in almost every aspects of human life. Everywhere we go we will find a reason or necessity to have software there. Among many reasons/targets or importance of software development, few are as follows

  1. Make use of hardware
  2. Work faster
  3. Security
  4. Easier work process
  5. Reliability in work process
  6. Longer calculation
  7. Operate other devices
  8. Better service

Lets learn about the above mentioned reasons/targets or importance in more detail.

Make use of hardware:

Computer Hardware is any part of the computer that can be touched. These are primarily electronic devices that build up the computer. Computer Hardware actually perform the computing operations. Besides, it also takes input and sends the result to output or stores it. But hardware can do none of these unless being instructed by software. That is the primary importance of software, or reason to write software. So that the mighty hardware can be instructed to perform their tasks.

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Work Faster:

One of the characteristics of computer is High Speed. Computer can perform tasks way faster with greater reliability than human. Consider the process of generating salary sheets for a large company. A large company can have thousands or even a 100 thousands of employees. It takes time and human resource to calculate this. And yet there can be errors. But with computer, this task can be done in few seconds. Database, spreadsheet software etc. can perform this calculation way faster than human employees. And that calculation will ensure more accurateness and will be more reliable.


Security is a major concern. One of the various types of software is security software such as firewalls, anti-virus etc. enables security of data, access authorization in personal computers and network systems. Beside application software, this is a very important reason to build software to enable and maintain security.

Easier Work Process:

Software is important to make tasks easier. For example, we can again consider the application of generating salary sheets. Beside this, we can also mention Word Processing. Word processing in computer software let the user edit the document as many time as he wants, can print or send digital editable or non-editable copy to other users instantly.

Reliability in work process:

Software is important as the tasks performed by software are more reliable. For example, a calculation of billions of numbers done by computer is more reliable than that by human.

Longer Calculation:

Software is important to use the computer’s power or working efficiency. So that we can perform those tasks which are very difficult and time consuming for human. For example, measuring the temperature of world, distance between planets, analyzing billions of data etc.

Operate Other Devices:

There are many devices, now-a-days, which are fully controlled or operated by software. Such as mobile phones, ATMs etc. Software is important to operate those devices. Besides, there are shared systems too. Human and computer both can control shared systems. For examples, auto-flying mode in airplanes, computer controlled trains etc.

Better Service:

Software is important to ensure better services. For example, letting patients book an appointment from their mobile. Reminders and notifications let customers know things early. Online activity brought services to finger tips. As a result, customers can learn about services, give feedback and contact from anywhere. Also the businesses can serve in Realtime.

In conclusion, we can say that software is important to make things easier, faster, more reliable and safer.

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