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What is management spectrum? Describe the four P’s briefly.

The Management Spectrum:  In software engineering, the management spectrum describes the management of a software project. The management of a software project starts from requirement analysis and finishes based on the nature of the product, it may or may not end because almost all software products faces changes and requires support. It is about turning the … Read more

Describe Formal Methods Software Process Model

Formal Methods Model :  The formal methods model encompasses a set of activities that leads to formal mathematical specification of computer software. Formal methods enable a software engineer to specify, develop, and verify a computer-based system by applying a rigorous, mathematical notation.   When formal methods are used during development, they provide a mechanism for … Read more

Describe The Component Base Development Software Process Model

Component Based Development: The component-based development (CBD) model incorporates many of the characteristics of the spiral model. It is evolutionary in nature, demanding an iterative approach to the creation of software. However, the component-based development model composes applications from prepackaged software components, called classes. Modeling and construction activities begin with the identification of candidate components. … Read more

Describe the Spiral Software Process Model

Spiral Model: The spiral model is an evolutionary software process model that combines the iterative nature of prototyping with the controlled and systematic aspects of the linear sequential model. Using the spiral model, software is developed in a series of incremental releases. During early iterations, the incremental release might be a paper model or prototype. … Read more

Describe the Incremental Software Process Model

Incremental Model: The incremental model combines elements of the linear sequential model with the iterative philosophy of prototyping. The incremental model applies linear sequences in a staggered fashion as calendar time progresses. Each linear sequence produces a deliverable “increment” of the software. In incremental model, the first increment is often a core product. Here the … Read more

Describe Evolutionary Software Process Model

Evolutionary Software Process Mode: Evolutionary software models are iterative. They are characterized in manner that enables the software engineers to develop increasingly more complete version of a software. That is, initially a rapid version of the product is being developed and then the product is developed to more accurate version with the help of the … Read more

Describe the RADSoftware Process Model with Disadvantages

RAD Model Rapid Application Development (RAD) is an incremental software development process model which is a “high-speed” adaptation of the linear sequential model in which rapid development is achieved by using component-based construction. If requirements are well understood and project scope is constrained, the RAD process enables a development team to create a “fully functional … Read more