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Describe Evolutionary Software Process Model

Evolutionary Software Process Mode:

Evolutionary software models are iterative. They are characterized in manner that enables the software engineers to develop increasingly more complete version of a software. That is, initially a rapid version of the product is being developed and then the product is developed to more accurate version with the help of the reviewers who review the product after each release and submit improvements. Specification, development and validation are interleaved rather than separate in evolutionary software process model.


These models are applied because as the requirements often change so the end product will be unrealistic, where a complete version is impossible due to tight market deadlines it is better to introduce a limited version to meet the pressure. Thus the software engineers can follow a process model that has been explicitly designed to accommodate a product that gradually complete over time.

Software Process Models

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11 thoughts on “Describe Evolutionary Software Process Model”

  1. Thanks,u have helped me know that evolutionary models is all those development models that allow review,coz I initially thought it is a model of its own!

  2. agile process is one which can accomodate modifications needed in the softwrae at various stages in the software development process and evolutionary model is one such process

  3. help me to solve this what i really need?
    When the customer don’t know in advance what are the actual and real requirements for the proposed system, and the particular requirements from customer side are ambiguous; then according to your opinion what type of process model should be used to get the actual requirements of proposed system? Give solid reasons of proposed process model to satisfy your answer and also mention the advantages and disadvantages of that process model.

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