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In Software Engineering, Describe the People.

The People: The people is one of the four P’s of Software Management Spectrum. It includes all the people from senior manager to practitioners, from customer to end user. Though it is not definite but people of the project do the most. Some of the terms are described below,


The Players: 

The software process (and every software project) is populated by players who can be categorized into one of five constituencies,

1. Senior Managers: They define the business issues that often have significant influence on the project.
2. Project Managers: They must plan, motivate, organize, and control the practitioners who do software work.
3. Practitioners: They deliver the technical skills that are necessary to engineer a product or application.
4. Customers: They specify the requirements for the software to be engineered and other stakeholders who have a peripheral interest in the outcome.
5. End-users: They interact with the software once it is released for production use.

Team Leaders: 

Project management is a people-intensive activity, and for this reason, competent practitioners often make poor team leaders. A good team leader should have some abilities described in the MOI model of leadership in below,

1. Motivation: The ability to encourage (by “push or pull”) technical people to produce to their best ability.
2. Organization: The ability to mold existing processes (or invent new ones) that will enable the initial concept to be translated into a final product.

3. Ideas or innovation: The ability to encourage people to create and feel creative even when they must work within bounds established for a particular software product or application.

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