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Describe The Component Base Development Software Process Model

Component Based Development:

The component-based development (CBD) model incorporates many of the characteristics of the spiral model. It is evolutionary in nature, demanding an iterative approach to the creation of software. However, the component-based development model composes applications from prepackaged software components, called classes.

Modeling and construction activities begin with the identification of candidate components. Regardless of the technology that has been used to create the components, the model incorporates the following steps:
  1. Available component-based products are researched and evaluated for the application domain in question.
  2. Component integration issues are considered.
  3. A software architecture is designed to accommodate the components.
  4. Components are integrated into the architecture.
  5. Comprehensive testing is conducted to ensure proper functionality.

The component-based development model leads to software reuse, and re-usability provides software engineers with a number of measurable benefits.

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