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What are the responsibilities of software project manager?

Software project manager is the person who manages software projects. She or he will be attached to the project from the beginning to the end and continue with the life cycle of the software. It is impossible to write a standard list of responsibilities a software project manager. The job varies with organization and product being developed. However, following are the responsibilities most software project managers have deal with.

What are the Umbrella Activities in Software Engineering?

Software engineering is a collection of co-related steps. These steps are presented or accessed in different approaches in different software process models. Umbrella activities are a set of steps or procedure that the software engineering team follows to maintain the progress, quality, change and risks of the overall development tasks. These steps of umbrella activities will evolve through the phases of generic view of software development.

Explain that “Software is developed or engineered, not manufactured”.

It is often said that Software is engineered or developed but not manufactured. Although some similarities exists between software development and hardware manufacturing, the two activities are fundamentally different. Software is a design of strategies, instruction which finally perform the designed, instructed tasks. And a design can only be developed, not manufactured. On the other hand, design is just a material of hardware.

What is software and software engineering?

Software is a collection of executable instructions that can be executed by computer devices to perform instructed task or tasks. However, non-executable resources and data can also be referred as software.

Engineering of software is the establishment and use of sound engineering principles in order to obtain economical software that is reliable and work efficiently on real machines.

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