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Software Engineering

Describe the KPAS.

Key Process Areas (KPAs): The KPAs describe those software engineering functions that must be present to satisfy good practice at a particular level. Each KPA is described by identifying the following characteristics: 01. Goals: Goal is the target of a project or the overall objectives that the KPA must achieved. 02. Commitments: Requirements that must be met …

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Explain that “Software is developed or engineered, not manufactured”.

It is often said that Software is engineered or developed but not manufactured. Although some similarities exists between software development and hardware manufacturing, the two activities are fundamentally different. Software is a design of strategies, instruction which finally perform the designed, instructed tasks. And a design can only be developed, not manufactured. On the other hand, design is just a material of hardware.

Software doesn’t “wear out”- Explain this comparing with hardware.

Before we learn about why software does not “wear out”, lets learn about the state “wear out”. When something is no longer of any use, it reaches the “wear out” state. That is, it can not perform the function it was built for. For example, a printer reaches “wear out” state it can’t print anymore. This doesn’t include the recycling options. One make use of a dead printer to do anything else but printing. 

What is software and software engineering?

Software is a collection of executable instructions that can be executed by computer devices to perform instructed task or tasks. However, non-executable resources and data can also be referred as software.

Engineering of software is the establishment and use of sound engineering principles in order to obtain economical software that is reliable and work efficiently on real machines.

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