How software engineering is different from other types of engineering?

Software project management is an essential part of software engineering. However, good management won’t guarantee success, but bad management results in project failure. Software managers are responsible for planning and scheduling development. They supervise the work to ensure that it is carried out to the required standards and monitor progress to check that the development is on time and within budget. Software engineering is different from other types of engineering in a number of way which particularly makes software engineering difficult.

Explain evaluation of information systems

Explain evaluation of information systems.

The measurement of the efficiency of information systems is the evaluation of information systems. The evaluation of information systems depends on the amount of efficiency in workflow and management an organization achieved by implementing an information system. Evaluation of information systems is measured based on a few criteria as follows:

What are the types of information systems? Explain.

An organization’s management generally includes one or more levels depending on the size of the organization and it’s managing areas. Different types of information systems are required for different purposes of these levels. However, information systems can be categorized as follows,