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6 Disadvantages of E-commerce?

6 Disadvantages of E-commerce

E-commerce or Electronic Commerce is a modern way of business. Transaction in case of buying or selling a product or service through electronic devices and internet connection is E-commerce. In E-commerce, the buyer and seller can not only communicate with each other but also the buyer can pay and the seller can receive payments through internet connection which can be called electronic payment service. So in E-commerce, a product travels to buyer from seller or a service is served to it’s buyer without the need for the buyer to meet the seller by appearing physically. Again, in E-commerce, the seller receives payment for his/her sale without meeting the buyer physically.

Despite of the many advantages and features of E-commerce, there are some disadvantages of E-commerce. These disadvantages are minor and most of them will be no more with time and updates in technology. However, following are some of the disadvantages of E-commerce.

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4 fundamental characteristics of Data Communication System

Data communication systems enable transfer of data using one of the three transmission modes. Data communication systems has 4 fundamental characteristics; which are delivery, accuracy, timeliness and jitter. Each of these 4 fundamental characteristics has it part in the effectiveness of a data communication system. However, data communication systems work through network systems and there are 3 necessary criteria for an effective and efficient network. Thus a data communication system also depend on the underlying network system’s effectiveness.

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5 Components of a Data Communication Network


Data Communication Network

Data communications are the exchange of data between two devices using one or multiple forms of transmission medium using one of the three transmission modes. That is, data communication is movement of data from one device or end-point to another device or end point through electrical or optical medium. Systems that facilitates this movement of data between devices or end-points are called data communication network. There are 5 components of a data communication network. The devices which are in need to be a part of a data communication network made up of computer hardware and software.

I encourage you study the book Data Communications and Networking with TCP IP Protocol Suite 6th Edition by Behrouz A Forouzan

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Define order and molecularity.

Order: Order of a reaction is defined by the number of atoms or molecules, whose concentration change during the reaction and determine the rate of the reaction. For example, It is a first order reaction. It is a second order reaction. Molecularity: The molecularity of an elementary reaction is defined as the number of reactant … Read more