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10 Characteristics of Fourth (4th) Generation of Computers

Fourth Generation of Computers (1971 – present)

The computers that we use now-a-days are the computers from fourth generation. From this generation more use of semi-conductors in memory started. Microprocessors has been created with LSI (Large Scale Integration) and VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration). The size and price of computers has both been reduced to significant levels. Followings are some of the characteristics of computers from fourth generation.

Characteristic of Fourth Generation of Computers

  1. Microprocessor based system that uses Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuits. 
  2. Microcomputers became the cheapest at this generation.
  3. Hand-held computer devices became more popular and affordable
  4. Networking between the systems was developed and became of every day use in this generation.
  5. Storage of memory and other storage devices has increased in big amount.
  6. Outputs are now more reliable and accurate.
  7. Processing power or speed has increased enormously. 
  8. With increment in the capacity of the storage systems large programs were started to be in use
  9. Great improvement in the hardware helped great improvement in the output in screen, paper etc.
  10. Size of the computer devices became such small that even desktop computers were easily movable along with portable computers such as laptops etc. 

Example: IBM 3033, Sharp PC – 1211 etc.

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