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9 Characteristics of Fifth (5th) Generation of Computers

Fifth Generation of Computers

Computers from fourth generation are in use of everyday work. Fifth generation computers are from the future. Actually the computers from fifth generation are already in use under limited exposure and not available for everyone to try as the development process is still ongoing. A few of the characteristics of those fifth generation computers are already in practice or available in the fourth generation computers but those are either not complete nor available for everyone. Following are some of the characteristics of fifth generation computers.

Characteristics of Fifth Generation of Computers

  1. Multi-processor based system: Currently we use one processor per CPU though there are special computers already in use with parallel computing but those are very limited and not complete.
  2. Use of Artificial Intelligence: AI is also in use already, but still it is in development. In fifth generation computers, we expect to see AI applied in everywhere, from navigating to browsing, from everyday word-excel sheet processing to heavy duty image processing and video analyzing etc. AI will become personal assistant, AI will automate almost every aspect computing.
  3. Use of optical fiber in circuits
  4. Development of the elements of programs
  5. Automated audio in any language to control the workflow of the computer
  6. Magnetic enabled chips 
  7. Huge development of storage: Already we have SSD storage which is way faster than HDD, and a few other technologies under development, thus we expect to faster and larger storage in fifth generation computers.
  8. More powerful micro and macro computers
  9. Development of enormous powers with AI

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