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What are the various types of video formats?

Following are various types video file formats with minimal amount of description. AVI (Audio Video Interleaved): It is a video container or wrapper format created by Microsoft. It stores video data that may be encoded in a variety of codec’s, typically uses less compression than similar formats such as .MPEG and .MOV. AVI files can be played by various … Read more

What are the various types of Audio formats.

Following are various types of Audio Formats with Minimal Descriptions. MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface): A MIDI file contains synthesized music. MIDI is a great choice for web, because the files are small in size. MIDI files are typically created using computer-based sequencing software or sometimes a hardware-based MIDI instrument or workstation, which organizes MIDI messages into one or more parallel “tracks” for independent … Read more

What are various types of picture formats.

Graphics file formats are mainly differ as raster formats and vector graphics. Below, some of the raster formats have been described. GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) : GIF format suitable for storing graphics with relatively few colors such as simple diagrams, shapes, logos and cartoon style images. The GIF format supports animation and is still widely used to … Read more

Why we need own website Or What is the necessity of personal websites?

There are probably as many reasons for wanting to publish a site on the web. Below, some types of web sites and their purposes have been given. Suggested Reading: Write down the steps to create a web site. Personal Personal web sites are generally created to share personal interests, hobbies and activities with friends and … Read more

Why we need Search Engines Or Search Engine vs Web Directories.

Necessity of having search engines : The main advantage of Web directories is that the categorize of web sites are creation of humans and human can go through human’s choice. When in a web directory to find something, one may have to click a lot. That’s why; it takes longer time to find necessary information. Web directories … Read more

What is web directories? Describe.

Web directories A web directory or link directory is a directory on the World Wide Web. It specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links. Thus, in web directory, web sites are categorized by subject. Suggested Reading: What is URL? What are the types of URL? Describe them. What are the various types of … Read more

What is link or linking? Describe the process of linking documents in HTML.

Linking or Links : Links are the ‘hyper’ part of the hypertext – that is the part user uses to jump from one HTML page to another. Links, also called anchors, mark text or images as elements that points to other HTML documents, images, applets, multimedia effects or specific places within a HTML document. Links differentiate HTML … Read more

Write about HTML.

HTML : HTML is the short form of Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is normally used to create documents for the World Wide Web. When producing web pages, it allows using hypertext that can link a word or image to another page or web location. Using this language one can put audio-video clips, graphics etc in one’s documents. HTML … Read more