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Why we need own website Or What is the necessity of personal websites?

There are probably as many reasons for wanting to publish a site on the web. Below, some types of web sites and their purposes have been given.


Personal web sites are generally created to share personal interests, hobbies and activities with friends and family around the world. Also it is very useful to press job resumes on net which is helpful to introduce to the employers.

Small Business 

Creating web sites for small business is helpful in promote the business, selling products and establish a presence in the online business community.

Large Business 

When the business is large and its activities are huge, a web site for that is of vital importance. Everyone today, try to gather information about products and services of a company from their web sites. Also to advertise the company, to give customers 24 hours access for ordering products and to contact the company and for other information, a web site for a large business very necessary.


Web sites for schools is of importance to provide information on training, activities, holidays and important notices etc which are actually very important to know for the guardians.

Community, Groups, Clubs or Organizations

A website for a community, group, club or organization is important in the case of distributing meeting announcements to the members, publicizing the club or organization, their activities, achievements etc to the others.

Special Interest

One can publish web site on one’s interest or activity, hobbies, achievement, recent doings etc.

    In the World Wide Web, there is no binding for publishing web site. Any one can introduce web sites on any purpose. But now days, some restrictions are getting created on some issues, but they are not at all vital.
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