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Write short notes on Magnetic Storage Devices

Storage Device:

Those memory devices where we can store data and the data remains in it even without electricity are called storage devices. Along with various programs and system software, user can also keep, delete, move, update the data in storage devices, while this can not be done in memory devices by the user.

Storage devices are very important, along with the need storage for our data, the system software needs to store it’s necessary file and configuration even when the computer has no electricity. 

There are primarily 2 types of storage devices; one of those are Magnetic Storage Devices.

Write short notes on Magnetic Storage Devices

Magnetic Storage Devices:

The most common type of storage device is magnetic storage device. In magnetic storage devices, data is stored on a magnetized medium. Magnetic storage use different patterns of magnetization to in a magnetizable medium to store data.

There are primarily 3 types of Magnetic Storage Devices as follows,

1. Disk Drives:

Magnetic storage devices primarily made of disks are Disk Drives. Hard Disk Drive is a Disk Drive. HDD contains one or more disks that runs in a very high speed and coated with magnetizable medium. Each disk in a HDD comes with a READ/WRITE head that reads and write data from and onto the disk.

2. Diskette Drives:

Diskette drives or floppy disks are removable disk drives. The discs in Hard Disk Drives are not meant to be removed, but in case of Floppy disks, the disks are removable from the drive which is called Floppy Disk Drive or FDD. Floppy disks comes with very little storage capacity and meant to be used as portable storage to transfer data from one machine to another. The FDD reads and writes data from and to the floppy disk. The floppy disk itself is covered with plastic and fabric to remove dust. Floppy disk does not contain any read and write head, the FDD contains the head.

3. Magnetic Tape:

Magnetic tapes are those reels of tapes which are coated with magnetizable elements to hold and server written on it in one of the many magnetizing data storage pattern. Tape drives come with very high capacity of storage and still in use though personal computers, server etc. uses hard disk drives or other modern type of storage mechanism, tape drives are still in use for archiving hundreds of terabytes of data.