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What is Procedural or Procedure Oriented Programming (POP)?

Procedural or Procedure Oriented Programming (POP)

As the name implies, Procedure Oriented Programming contains step by step procedure to execute. Here, the problems get decomposed into small parts and then to solve each part one or more functions are used. Thus, in POP approach, the problem is viewed as a sequence of things to be done, such as, input taking, calculating and displaying. The primary focus stays on functions which will be used to accomplish each task.

In POP approach, we write lines of instruction to be followed by computer to accomplish a task and by organizing these instructions into groups we create functions.

For example, considering that we have to take two values from user and then to display the summation of the inputted values. In POP approach this problem may be decomposed as following,

  1. First take an input and put it under one variable, here taking as a.
  2. Then take another input and put it under another variable, here taking as b.
  3. Now define a variable, such as c, as c = a + b.
  4. Now display c.

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