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What is Object Oriented Programming (OOP)?

Object Oriented Programming (OOP): 

Object Oriented Programming is programming concept which is focused on object rather than actions and data rather than logic. 

Object Oriented Programming concept is a way to remove some faults or limitations of POP (Procedure Oriented Programming). It puts much importance on data and does not allow data to move freely around the whole program. OOP binds particular data and functions of data in units called objects which protect data from getting motivation by other functions. Thus in OOP, we put particular data and functions in a particular object and by calling a function using an object of that object type, we call those data and function. Actually these objects are the decomposed small parts of the problem to solve. That’s why, data is much more secured here. However, a function of an object may be able to access methods and properties of other objects, based on how the objects been created.

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