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How to know if an installed program is 32 or 64 bit in windows 10 64 bit

If you have installed a program and forgot in which platform it runs (32 or 64 bit) and you now need to find it out, then this tutorial is for you. 
Most of the programs now a days run on both of the platforms 32 bit and 64 bit. However, still there are few programs which run on either of these two platforms. If you have installed it and now need to figure out if it was a 32 or 63 bit then it’s okay as there are many ways to find this out. Here we will discuss two methods to do just that.

Lets watch the video tutorial instead of reading text, right?

Method 1 (If the program is installed in your system or C Drive’s programs directory):

Most of the programs get installed in the default program files directory in the C Drive. Though there are many programs which will get installed in other drives or other directory in C Drive. If the program is installed in your system or C Drive’s programs directory, then one of the following procedure will let you know if it is a 32 bit or 64 bit.

Procedure One:

  1. Right click on the shortcut of the program in your desktop
  2. In context menu, click on Open File Location
  3. If this location is in the C drive’s Program Files directory then the program is 64 bit and if it is in the Program Files (x86) directory then it is a 32 bit program.
  4. If it is not in any of these directory of C Drive then you need to follow method 2

Procedure Two:

  1. Go to C Drive or your System Drive where windows is installed.
  2. Find the folder of your installed program in either Program Files directory or Program Files (x86) directory
  3. If you find it in Program Files directory, then it is a 64 bit program
  4. If you find it in Program Files (x86) directory, then it is a 32 bit program
  5. If you do not find it in any of these two folders then you have to follow method 2

Method 2 (You have to have the program running):

  1. Right click on taskbar and from the context menu select Task Manager
  2. In Task Manager, open the Details tab
  3. In the table of tasks that appears, right click in the headers of the table and click on Select Columns
  4. Find the item labeled as Platform and tick the checkbox and click Ok
  5. Now in the table, you will have a column labeled as Platform, in this column for each task the value would be 32 bit or 64 bit.
  6. In this table, find your program and it’s platform.

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