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What are the basic features of OOP (Object Oriented Programming).

Object Oriented Programming is programming concept which is focused on object rather than actions and data rather than logic.

To design and to use system, OOP offers some outstanding features including the followings,

Basic Features of OOP:

  1. Emphasis on data rather than procedure.
  2. Programs are divided into small parts called object.
  3. Data structures are designed such that they characterized the objects.
  4. Data and related functions stay tied in classes.
  5. Data is secured as they can’t be accessed by external functions.
  6. Objects may communicate with each other through functions.
  7.  New data and functions can be added easily whenever necessary.
  8. Follows bottom-up approach in program design.
  9. Using inheritance, a class can be modified to create another one.
  10. If necessary, system size can also be modified easily.
  11. Multiple Programmer System Design is easy using OOP concept.
  12. The complexity can be reduced.
  13. Data Type can be created based on the necessity.