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What are the problems of POP? How they can be solved in OOP?

Problems of POP

It is true that the programs created using POP can be extremely efficient and high-performance, but the main problem is the maintenance. Some other problems include the followings,

  1. Insecure data, if we declare a variable before main function then it can be accessed freely from any function present in the program.
  2. No better memory management.
  3. Difficult to implement today’s client requirements.
  4. No structure or code reusability. Hence time of development, testing and length of program increases.
  5. As length of application increases it causes slow performance.
  6. No proper way method for Exception handling.

Solution to Problems of POP in OOP

The OOP is newer than POP. So, OOP has come with the solution to most the problems found in POP. Such as,

  1. Data in OOP is secured as they under cover of classes and their usage by functions can be authorized.
  2. OOP emphasizes abstract relationships, and a ladder of related functionality where similar functionality can all share a common core, making maintenance much easier.
  3. As similar functions will use a core thus the length of code will reduce.
  4. Code reuse is increased as well, as one can easily adapt the abstracted base functionality for new tasks.
  5. OOP also can aid in large-scale program design, helping encapsulate and categorize the different sets of functionalities required by each part of the system.
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