Differences between OOP and POP?

Last updated on June 13th, 2020 at 08:35 pm

Object Oriented Programming: Object Oriented Programming is programming concept which is focused on object rather than actions and data rather than logic. 

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Procedure Oriented Programming: As the name implies, Procedure Oriented Programming contains step by step procedure to execute. Here, the problems get decomposed into small parts and then to solve each part one or more functions are used. 

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Differences between OOP and POP?

Differences between OOP and POP: OOP and POP differs in many ways from each other including the followings,

Subject of Difference
Procedure Oriented Programming (POP)
Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
Problem decomposition
Decompose the main problem in small parts called functions.
Decompose the main problem in small parts called objects.
Connections of parts
Connects small parts of the program by passing parameters & using operating system.
Connects small parts of the program by passing messages.
Emphasizes on functions.
Emphasizes on data.
Use of data
In large programs, most functions use global data.
Each object controls data under it.
Passing of data
Data may get passed from one function to another.
Data never get passed from one object to another.
Security of data
Appropriate & effective techniques are unavailable to secure the data.
Data stay secured as no external function can use data of an object.
Modification of program
Modification of a completed program is very difficult and it may affect the whole program.
Modifications are easy as objects stay independent to declare and define.
Designing approach
Employs top-down approach for designing programs.
Employs bottom-up approach for designing.
Data identification
In large programs, it is very difficult to find what data has been used by which function.
As data and functions stay close, it is easy to identify data.
Used languages
Languages like C, FORTRAN, COBOL etc. use POP.
Languages like C++, JAVA etc. use OOP.