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“Computer can be classified into 2 or 3 ways depending on it’s implementation or working principle” – Explain

Depending on implementation computers can be classified into 2 ways, such as, (a) General Computer (b) Special Computer

"Computer can be classified into 2 or 3 ways depending on it's implementation or working principle" - Explain

(a) General Computer:

General purpose computers are computers where user is not limited to a set of initially installed programs and their function. Rather than this, user can install many other programs to perform various function depending on user’s need. These computers come with expandable storage where user can store data for programs and also output. Typically these computers can have default programs which may or may not be uninstalled, but user can always install more programs. Everyday Personal Computers are general purpose computers.

(b) Special Computer:

Special purpose computers are computers which are designed and built for performing one or a set of predefined function or operations. Users are not allowed to install new programs in it, but may update the existing programs.

Depending on working principle computers can be classified into 3 ways, such as, (a) Analog (b) Digital (c) Hybrid computers

(a) Analog Computers:

Analog computers are mechanical devices, weighing several tons and using motors and gears to represent data. Analog computers can change in its phase according to the analog signal and its input from pressure, temperature, vibration, spinning etc. Analog systems represent data as variable points along with a continuous spectrum of values.

Analog Signals
Analog Signals

Example: Speedometer, operational amplify etc.

(b) Digital Computer:

Computers which uses digits and numerical calculations to process the data are digital computers. It breaks all types of information into tiny units and use numbers to represent those pieces of information. Digital computers also work in very strict sequences of steps. This type of computers output graphically using a various types of output devices such as monitors, printers, speakers etc.

Digital Signals
Digital Signals

Example: Desktop, laptop etc.

(c) Hybrid Computer:

Those computer which has the both analog and digital systems in it are called hybrid computers. In this type of computers, data is taken into process through analog system and the output is represented in digital system.

Example: In medical there are machines which takes data such as BP of patient in analog system and outputs the data in monitors and printed form in digital system
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