What are the responsibilities of software project manager?

Software project manager is the person who manages software projects. She or he will be attached to the project from the beginning to the end and continue with the life cycle of the software. It is impossible to write a standard list of responsibilities a software project manager. The job varies with organization and product being developed. However, following are the responsibilities most software project managers have deal with.


How software engineering is different from other types of engineering?

Software project management is an essential part of software engineering. However, good management won’t guarantee success, but bad management results in project failure. Software managers are responsible for planning and scheduling development. They supervise the work to ensure that it is carried out to the required standards and monitor progress to check that the development is on time and within budget. Software engineering is different from other types of engineering in a number of way which particularly makes software engineering difficult.


What are the 3 principal types of critical systems?

Critical systems are those systems, which not only causes inconvenience, no or not-noticeable impact on time, money and life but also causes loss or injuries to life, economical destruction and such bigger impacts when the system fails. There are 3 main types of critical systems, which are safety critical systems, mission critical systems and business critical systems.