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How to make adsense ads responsive per screen size?

Yes, we can get responsive ad codes from adsense. But that will not fulfill the requirement for ad unit size per screen size. To make the adsense ads responsive per screen size we need to modify the code (allowed by google obviously) a bit. Reasons we need to do this can be like, In desktop view the ad appear as leaderboard, but in mobile it becomes a 300×250 square, what you might not want as you might want to show a similar horizontal sized ad in that place even in mobile view.

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How to read and write INI files in PHP?

how to read and write ini files in php

INI Files

INI files are simple text files with a basic structure consisting of sections, property and value. The INI files can be used across different platform which is a great advantage as a single INI file can be used in various versions of the same application for various platforms.

INI files are used to store configurations for applications in a manner of property = value. Values can be single or one dimensional array. Also sections can be used to group same type of configurations. The last thing is comments, we can write comments in INI files. Comments in INI files starts with ; (semicolon)

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How to Save PHP Array in Database in PHP?

How to Save PHP Array in Database in PHP

We will see how we can store PHP array in database. We will store the php array in database and we get it back, as PHP array.

When we create management systems or applications such as CMS, we need to store a lot of configurations per user, per module etc. Multidimensional array is the best ever thing to work with in such situations. Configurations can be of two different types; searchable and non-searchable.

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How to read comment blocks into PHP array?

how to read commented lines into array in php

Did you ever notice the commented lines over theme files, widget and plugin files in PHP in different CMS like WordPress etc.? These comment blocks are not there just because the developer wanted to. These lines can be there as the system may require those lines to describe the file in terms such as the name of the theme or plugin, create date, author name, update date, version number etc. These information about the file then can later be used in the system or CMS.  

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How to pass or use PHP array/variable in JavaScript?

how to pass or use php array or variable in javascript

Multidimensional PHP arrays are similar to multidimensional JSON objects. So shouldn’t be there a way to use a multidimensional PHP array in Javascript? Obviously, and there are ways. For example you can use AJAX to make a request and get the PHP array back in JSON format. However, why to make an AJAX call if the array is ready to be used already? Right.  

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How To Add/Remove a Label To/From Multiple Posts at a Time in Blogger?

Dear blogger users, when we start blogging with blogger we misuse labels in blogger in blog posts. We generally forget that labels in blogger blog posts are like categories. Sometimes we might also not use meaningful labels to blog posts. Instead we use meaningless labels to our blog posts. Thus after a year, when we … Read more