5 Differences between RAM and Cache Memory

5 Differences between RAM and Cache Memory
RAM (Random Access Memory) is a volatile memory which is used by the CPU as the Primary Memory of the system. CPU stores frequently used data of the programs running at a moment in RAM as RAM is faster than storage devices, this helps the CPU to work faster. 

Cache memory is faster than the RAM but comes with very small capacity. CPU stores more frequently used data in it so that the CPU can access these data faster. 
Both RAM and cache memory are used with the same target which is speeding up tasks.
Following are some differences between RAM and Cache Memory

Basic differences between RAM and Cache Memory

Differences Between RAM and Cache Memory:

Cache Memory
Read/Write speed of RAM is slower than Cache Memory
Read/Write speed of cache memory is faster than RAM
RAM is less expensive than Cache Memory
Cache Memory is more expensive than RAM
RAM is used to store less frequent data
Cache Memory is used to store more frequent data
CPU reads RAM after reading Cache Memory
CPU reads Cache Memory before reading RAM
RAM is generally internal
Cache Memory can be internal and external both


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