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10 Tips to Easily Get Approved by Google Adsense – 2016

Google Adsense is one of those advertising networks which consider publishers very carefully. Even after approval a publisher has to be really very careful as google adsense can ban their account at any moment for violating publishing policies.
However, in this post we will be discussing few easy tips for preparing your website so that you get approved by google adsense with minimum number of applications (yes, I doubt if anyone got approved in first try).
Consider the following easy tips:

7 Tips to Easily Get Approved by Google Adsense

1. Domain: 

The domain of your website can be a domain bought by you or can be a subdomain like yourdomain.blogspot.com, google won’t mind. But it is always suggested to have your own custom domain. However, I got approved by google adsense when I was having a blogspot domain.

2. Website:

  1. Must be published
  2. Must be written with any of these google adsense supported languages.
  3. Must be well designed with sidebar, header, content area and footer
  4. Must have easy site navigation like menu or links in header or sidebar, additionally in footer

3. Website Speed: 

Speed has become a major factor. Research says that people give no more 5 seconds to get the first impression of your site, and then take a look at the contents for another 5 seconds. So you see you haven’t got much to get the impressions and bind the visitor to the site. Thus your website has to be fast, real fast.

4. Website Design:

Google is giving more priority to mobile supported design. Day by day, mobile visitors are increasing thus your site needs to get well fitted in a mobile browser. Try to use a responsive design for your website thus it fits all the screens.

5. Website Content (Post / Pages): 

Google adsense is a contextual advertising network. Thus it requires contents to find relavent ads for your website. Here are few tips about contents.
  1. At least 40-50 published contents
  2. Each content should be at least 400-500 characters long
  3. Not necessarily posts, these can be pages too. 
  4. Contents should be UNIQUE, not copied.
  5. Contents can have relevant, free-to-use images (unless you buy copyright for those images)

6. Required Pages:

Your website must include following pages
  1. About Us: Write about your website and it’s contents and targeted audiences in brief. Also include link to social media profiles for the website.
  2. Contact Us: Try to ad a Contact Form in this page through which people can contact you along with street address, phone and email number if your website is company.
  3. Terms and Condition: List down all the terms and conditions on the usage of your website. Such as what your readers can not do with the contents of your website etc.
  4. Privacy Policy: Include how you use cookies in your website, what you do your readers information etc.

7. Third Party Ads: 

At the moment while you are applying for google adsense, try to remove ad codes from other third party ad networks as google may find it clumsy enough with ads and may reject your application. However, you can implement third party ads after being approved by google adsense.

8. Integrate with Webmasters:

  1. Integrate and verify your website with google and bing webmasters. 
  2. Generate a sitemap for your website that includes link to all your pages, contents and submit this sitemap to the webmasters. 
  3. Edit your robots.txt file to allow google and other bots to crawl your pages.

9. Traffic:

If your website is new then do no apply for adsense. You should better concentrate on the 
  1. Writing contents
  2. Modifying the design of your website for better user experience
  3. Integrate and verify your site with webmasters
  4. Optimize your site for search engines
  5. Publicize your website
You have to do all these to bring decent traffic to your website which is really required google adsense to approve your application.

10. Follow Google Adsense’s Guidelines:

For further guideline on what google expect and what google do not expect from your website, please follow the google adsense guidelines to get approved and also not to get banned.

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