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Write down about the three types of arrays.

One dimensional array: 

A list of items can be given one variable name using only one subscript and such a variable is called a one dimensional array.

              Example : int number[5];
Here in the example, 5 value of the variable number can be kept under the single variable number.

Two dimensional array: 

When by using an array user can store two value, each for a row and a column under a variable, the array is then called a two dimensional array. Here, user can use infinite number of rows and columns. Two dimensional arrays are declared as follows,

                 type array_name[row size][column size];

Multidimensional array: 

C allows arrays of three or more dimensions. The exact limit is determined by the compiler. The general form of a multidimensional array is,

              type array_name[s1][s2]……[sn];
Where sn is the size of the dimension. For example,

              int survey[3][5][12]

Here survey is a three dimensional array declared to contain 180 integer type elements.

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