What is CMMI ? Describe the levels of CMMI.

CMMI (The Capability Maturity Model Integration): 

The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) has developed a comprehensive model predicated on a set of software engineering capabilities that should be present as organizations reach different  levels of process maturity. To determine an organization’s current state of process maturity the CMMI uses two ways, (i) as a continuous model and (ii) as a staged model. In the case of a continuous model each process area is rated according to the following capability levels.

Level 0 : Incomplete: 

The process are is either not performed or does not achieve all goals and objectives defined by the CMMI for level 1 capability.

Level 1 : Performed: 

All the specific goals has been achieved and work tasks  required to produce defined products has been conducted.

Level 2 : Managed: 

All level 1 criteria have been achieved. All work associated with the process area conforms to an organizationally defined policy, all people are doing their jobs, stakeholders are actively involved in the process area, all work tasks and work products are monitored, controlled and reviewed.

Level 3 : Defined:

All level 2 criteria have been achieved. In addition, the process is “tailored from the organization’s set of standard processes according to the organization’s tailoring guidelines and contributes work products, measures and other process improvement information to the organizational process assets.”

Level 4 : Quantitatively Managed:

All level 3 criteria have been achieved. In addition, the process area is controlled and improved using measurement and quantitative assessment. “Quantitative objectives for quality and process performance are established and used as a criteria in managing the process.”  

Level 5 : Optimized:

All capability level 4 criteria have been achieved. In addition, the process area is adapted and optimized using quantitative means to meet changing customer needs and to continually improve the efficacy of the process area under consideration.

The staged CMMI model defines the same process areas, goals and practices as the continuous model. The primary difference is that the staged model defines five maturity levels rather than five capability levels.

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