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What are the different types of data transmission speed or bandwidth?

Data transmission speed is the rate of transferring data from source to destination. It is also referred as Bandwidth. Unit of bandwidth is Bit Per Second or bps. This is also called Band speed, which is the number of bits transmitted in a second is bps or Bandwidth. There are 3 types of Bands which are as follows

3 Data Transmission Speed

Narrow Band

Speed or bandwidth of this band can be 45bps to 300bps in general. Data transmission in narrow band is called sub-voice band. This band is used in slow data transmission. Narrow band is used in telegraphy. In telegraphy, use of more cable slows down the speed.

Voice Band

Speed of this band can be up to 9600bps. This band is mostly used in telephone communication. Also in computer, this band is used in transferring data from computer to printer or card reader to computer.

Broad Band

Broad band is ideal for very high speed data transmission where the minimum data transmission speed can be 1Mbps (Mega bits per second) and reach up to a few giga bits per second. This band is used in data transmission through coaxial cable and optical fiber cable. Beside these, board band is also used in satellite and microwave communication.

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