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10 Characteristics of Third (3rd) Generation of Computers

Third Generation of Computer (1965 – 1971)

Use of integrated circuits (IC) started the third generation of computer. IC reduced the size, price, use of electricity etc. IC also facilitates speed and reliability of computers. Development of IC enabled organizing the whole central processing unit in single chip. Use of monitor also started in this generation. Operating system was improved to a new level and high speed line printers were in use. Followings are some of the characteristics of third generation.   

Characteristics of Third Generation of Computers

  1. Use of Integrated Circuits (IC) instead of transistors
  2. Use of Semi-conductor memory
  3. Small size than previous generation computers
  4. Use of magnetic storage devices
  5. Improved faster operations and more dependable output
  6. Use of mini computers
  7. Use of monitors and line printers
  8. Use of high level programming languages
  9. Less expensive than 2nd generation computers
  10.  Less expensive maintenance cost.

Examples: IBM 360, IBM 370, PDP-11 etc.

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What are the 10 characteristics of third generation of computers?
Figure: Third generation of computers
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